Our first population health programme seeks to tackle type 2 diabetes in Bermuda as we believe that this is where we can have the greatest impact, positively improving standard of living, and reducing cost of care.

Type 2 diabetes continues to rise with a 13% incidence on the island - markedly higher than comparable countries. Similarly, healthcare spending is rising, between 2006 and 2017, expenditure grew 92%. In the next decade, it is predicted to grow a further 43%.

This is not sustainable.

Individual health insurance premiums rose 48% between 2009 and 2018 and will continue to rise unless we work together to take an active role in our own health and fitness outcomes.

Left unchecked, the progressively degenerative impact of diabetes diminishes quality of life and leads to lifelong medication and medical intervention. However, for many, the condition is reversible.

Diabetes rewind programmes worldwide have demonstrated dramatic improvement both in wellbeing and reduced cost of care by removing medical dependency.

To reach as many people with type 2 diabetes as possible, we are working in partnership with on-island organisations and international leaders that include, the Bermuda Diabetes Association, Cavan Health and Oviva, to offer two very different approaches to rewind diabetes.


The BDA Programme (In-Person)

This face-to-face group programme, created in partnership with the Bermuda Diabetes Association, is a 6-week self-management approach – personalised to your goals and tailored to your lifestyle. This programme seeks to make long-term diet and behavioural changes and includes GP goal setting and routine medical check-ins.


The Oviva Programme (Online)

Facilitated by a dietitian, this total diet replacement programme offers group and 1-to-1 coaching delivered via engaging live online sessions. Participants also have access to support tools like LeanBody Trace Scales and the Ovivia smartphone app to track weight, food, activity, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure to help you achieve your goals.

Two different approaches with the same goal

Both seek to make long-term diet and behavioural changes through a support network of expert clinical guidance and digital health tools. The two have different medical exemptions and may not be suitable for all.

Island Health Services and the Family Practice Group are the primary care partners for this pilot programme.

How to join

Those interested in joining should seek an initial consultation. To confirm your eligibility, contact us on 298-0444 or email care@ihs.bm